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ADDISON, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Elara Caring, one of the nation’s leading providers of home health care services, today announced it has expanded its services in Texas to include behavioral health. The company’s in-home behavioral health services will support individuals with a wide range of behavioral health conditions and will focus on assessment, education and action plans that promote recovery.

Elara Caring and its predecessor companies have decades of experience servicing individuals living with chronic and persistent mental health situations. The company plans to partner with hospitals and other health care facilities in Texas to safely help individuals in their behavioral health care decision making.

“Expanding our behavioral health home care experience into our Texas operations is a natural progression for Elara Caring,” said Kimberly Nystrom, Elara Caring President of Behavioral Health Services. “We are experts at supporting individuals living with unmanaged behavioral health issues, which are impacting their ability to remain stabilized in the communities in which they live. Our clinicians are experienced in caring for individuals with comorbid behavioral and medical conditions, and they work collaboratively with individuals and families to foster optimal independence and improve quality of life.”

Opioid use disorder (OUD) is one of the country’s major health care issues, and Elara Caring is at the forefront of helping individuals living with OUD assess their options and create plans for recovery, all at home.

Elara Caring’s proven outcomes decrease hospitalizations and repeated emergency room use materially impacting the costs of care for those living with mental health disorders. The company’s trained behavioral health nurses collaborate with health care partners for early intervention, helping break the prevalence of these negative outcomes and promoting a healthier way of life.